ltc-nm   &   guaranteed-plans  - Are you accepting risk and taxes?
"Begin with the end in mind."
From Steven Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
Will you plan or delay? 
If we reach 50, fully half of us will need very expensive care before we're gone.  How will we pay for that?
Getting younger? 
Your premiums will never be lower than today's. Why is that?
Who is at greatest risk?  
Think about it: it's the spouse, the children, the whole family.
Remarkably good video from a non-profit: Not a's about a couple's real life:  
Modern Long Term Care plans increasingly pay for care at home by family, friends, or spouse (per our own physician's plan of care). Almost all of us would prefer to stay home. However...the two biggest, most "popular" plans don't recognize that.
Single premium LTC plans usually offer money-back guarantees. They'll pay 3 to 5 times their single premium should care be needed. If care is never needed they pay tax free life insurance benefits. Several return the entire single premium if there's been no claim. Compare to any investment or tax-favored account.
What about under-perfoming IRAs or 401(k)s?  You may want to automatically transfer that money to LTCi and lock in rates (no premium increases!).
Certain new LTCi policies are ideal for ILITs or Special Needs Trusts. Policies already owned by trusts should be reviewed. We'll be happy to get together with you and your attorney.
Want to know more?  What about your parents or siblings?  505 503-9385.
We may be able to save you a lot of money:  As Independent Brokers we aren't required to favor a short list of expensive plans.
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