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"Begin with the end in mind."
From Steven Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
Should we plan or delay? 
After 50, fully half of us will need extended care before we're gone.  Who will pay for that care?
Think about this:  Who purchases care insurance (or life insurance) to protect themselves?  They own it because they love their spouse, children, their whole family.
Many of us want to stay home as long as reasonable. Therefore, several of today's best plans pay for family care-givers. 
Some plans offer money-back guarantees. Some pay 3 to 5 times an initial lump sum (compare to an annuity) for care, should it be needed...and if the insured passes away without exhausting the policy's benefits they return remaining original premium. 
What about IRA or 401(k)?  You may be able to transfer one to an extended care policy and lock in rates (no premium increases!).

 "Special Needs" planning may be augmented by extended care insurance on parent/s. Lets discuss that with your special needs attorney.
What about your parents, siblings, adult children, or friends?  505 503-9385.
 Independent Agents don't have to favor the most heavily advertised brands...though we may suggest them, and we may be able to find ways to save money on them.

We ask questions in order to find efficient solutions for unique people.

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