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"Begin with the end in mind."
From Steven Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" 
Half of us are likely to need extended care eventually.

Our spouses...our partners...try to take care of us. Their lives change drastically. Their careers, goals, and personal health will suffer.
Insurance makes things easier for couples.

Think about this: Full time care is around $300 per day in Albuquerque. Where will that come from? Savings? The home? Family?

Medicare sometimes pays for a few weeks, after it confirms we may recover. Neither Obamacare nor your health plan (call to confirm) will pay for extended care. Since Medicaid is true welfare, its process is complicated and slow, requiring poverty.
People prefer to stay at home as long as possible, don't they? Therefore, several of today's new plans make that easier, paying for both medical care and help around the house. Some pay spouses, family, even neighbors with their own doctor's approval. 
Care may never be needed, so some plans have very large death benefits.

Premiums can be totally locked-in with some of those new plans. 
401(k) or IRA dollars can be transferred, with some plans, locking in premiums. 

 "Special Needs" trust situations may benefit by insurance on parent/s.  
As Independent Agents we aren't restricted to a company's favorite policies.

We want to meet you in person to explore appropriate solutions. After all, who would make such important decisions with someone they'll never see? 

Premium rates are regulated so the're the same online as in person...but personal meetings lead to the most affordable answers. .

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