LTC-NM  - Are you accepting risk and taxes?
"Begin with the end in mind."
From Steven Covey's "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"
Should we plan ? 
Half of us will need extended care before we're gone. 

Who will pay, and how? What will that do to our spouses and families? 

When we need care, most of us stay at home as long as reasonable. Therefore, several of today's best plans will pay both medical as and non-medical home care-givers. Some will pay spouses, family, even neighbors.
Money-back guarantees are available. Some pay 3 to 5 times an initial lump sum (compare to an annuity) should care be needed.. 
IRA or 401(k)?  You may be able to transfer that money to an extended care policy and lock in rates (no premium increases!).

 "Special Needs" planning may be augmented by extended care insurance on parent/s. If you have a special needs attorney we probably know them. Let's talk. .

 Independent Agents don't have to favor the most heavily advertised brands. 
We can show you how to save money with any of them.

We meet you in person to explore cost efficient and appropriate solutions. Technology creates illusions: Why risk that with someone you'll never meet?

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